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AJ McLean Daily
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Buton made by the wonderful plastiqueallure

A pic comm for all AJ McLean love.

First, the rules:

1) ALL POSTS MUST CONTAIN A PICTURE. This community is for the posting of pictures. Rumours, gossip, pimping of other comms, MP3's, requests or OT posts are NOT to be made here. If you're not sure, ask a mod.

There are a thousand free sites that allow you to host pictures for free, including the scrapbook feature on lj- so there's no good reason to hotlink and use someone else's bandwidth up.

3) Use cut tags- if you don't know how, look it up in the FAQ's- it's not hard. If you can do thumbnails, then fine, but otherwise post all images behind a cut- or else your flist will not thank you!

4) This comm is run by a slasher. So I am fine with slashy comments. If you don't like that? Just look at the pretty AJ instead and ignore the words.

5) NO FLAMING. Anyone who flames AJ, the other Boys, their family or friends- or anyone else on this comm, will be banned immediately. This community is for fans to show their love for AJ and the Boys, flaming is not allowed.

6) We reserve the right to change or add to these rules, depending on what happens in this community.

Maintainer of this comm is madders madders @ livejournal dot com

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